For those Realtors who utilize our services exclusively, and market Bella Casa as part of their listing presentations, we offer promotional incentives and special services.  We value repeat customers and the referrals that help build our client base.  Some of the benefits you receive as an Exclusive Realtor Partner with Bella Casa Home Staging are:

  • Discounts on staging services
  • Discounts on furniture/accessory fees
  • Priority scheduling
  • Special open house events
  • Sellers' seminars
  • Articles and links regarding home staging benefits to present to your clients during listing presentations
  • Partner discounts with our regional and national vendor partners

We Get It!


With a real estate background, we understand.  Not everyone is aware of the cost savings and benefits of home staging.  We want your listings to sell fast and for high profit so that you and your clients can reap the rewards.

You've got that one know, the one with the perfect location in a hot selling market.  But the property needs help.  Let us be the bad guy! We can give your client a detailed consultation report that is easy to follow and achievable. Then you and your client can decide how much of the work they'd like to tackle and how much they'd like us to help.  

Let us tell them that while their collection of vintage beer mugs might be near and dear to their hearts, it won't help to achieve high profits.  We can tell them the cat box has to go or that their favorite family photos may need to go into storage for awhile. We will do as much or as little as you and your client need. 

ASP Before and After Gallery

These projects were completed by ASP Stagers, simply using the furnishings and accessories that the homeowner already had.

Exclusive Realtor Partner Program